The Economy and
Your Life Experience

Whether we like it or not, we're stuck in our current economy, our current economic system. Or at least it seems that we are stuck.

And here's the kicker ...

If we limit our view to the world of form, our economic system is by far the number one cause of human suffering. you might wonder why the economy is  mentioned on a website devoted to consciousness. Well, it's here because of the sweeping effect that the economy has on our life experience and the way we feel.

Here are a few of the types of suffering that stem from our economic system.

  • incredible stress
  • frustration
  • apparent inability to follow our bliss and do what we really want to do in life
  • stuck in a job we don't like
  • unemployment
  • living with people we wouldn't choose if we could afford to live elsewhere
  • living in unsafe neighborhoods
  • low quality food and compromised health
  • lack of resources to bring our dreams into reality
  • stuck attention
  • family conflicts and  broken homes

Here is the first of a growing list of articles and videos related to our economy.

  • The Economy and Human Suffering
    The cause of economy problems, from a viewpoint restricted to the world of form, is the way that money is created and distributed. This work is under development. In the meanwhile here are some notes that might help make things more understandable. A healthy economy has only two essential ingredients.